Bahar means ‘spring’ and ‘youth’

I was born on a spring morning, with flowers blossoming before my freshly opened eyes. (At least, this is what my dad wrote in my baby diary that day)

Unfortunately, I would grow up to find that life is not all sunshine and flowers, like it was on that bright March morning. I would start hiding behind my masculine side, overusing my mind. I would become competitive, driven by the urge to be stronger, richer, more ‘successful’. I would ignore my divine feminine energy, casting her aside and neglecting to feed her needs. It got to a point where I didn’t know why I was doing what I was doing; I had no purpose. I’d been a creative child who loved dancing, writing and acting.

Yet adulthood caused me to leave most of that side in the shadows, limiting my fullest expression. 

What I don’t do is pile on advice, recommendations or suggestions. Because, as your awareness expands, you’ll find your own truth; what’s right for you.

What I do is provide an open and safe environment for you to journey deep within

I dedicate my presence to you, 100% and judgement-free, so you can attend with your full presence. I allow the energy to flow in our sessions, as you receive what comes up for you, moment to moment. We speak about breathing life, love and joy – and our time together becomes an adventure of exploration.

Our session starts in silence, with a meditation and/or holistic check-in to clear the mind and create space.

We move slowly, cautiously. Paradoxically, our quickest discoveries about ourselves typically happen only when we slow down, or sit in stillness.

As the coaching process unfolds, I introduce Awareness Creation tools: so you notice areas beyond ‘normal’ human consciousness, a dimension of which you’ve perhaps been unaware.

With this expansion of consciousness comes the power to create lasting shifts. Freeing yourself from elements that do not serve you, allowing more space to discover, evolve and transform.

My other specialities include, but are not limited, to:

What is it that you need?

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Bahar is certified by the Creative Consciousness Academy® after completing the  ACTP coach training ‘Professional Consciousness Coaching’