My Offerings


Deep Relating Private Coaching, Daisy Roots’s Signature Programme

Do you want to break free from dysfunctional relationship patterns and attract healthier, happier relationships? Resource yourself with 8 weeks of personalised support, multi-dimensional consciousness and somatic techniques to stop attracting non-reciprocal, emotionally unavailable, and incompatible partners. Tap into your inner wisdom and ignite your confidence to date and relate on your own terms.

This is your ticket to releasing the past and creating the life and relationship of your desires. Or continue repeating the past. You choose.


Make Great Life Decisions, Faster

Do you REALLY know what is good for you? Or is your life being controlled by anxiety, the fear of the unknown and others’ biases? Or maybe it doesn’t have a name, this thing that is preventing you from becoming your best self and making that next move in life, your career and your relationship(s).

Work with me, and we will release these shackles from your mind. You will learn how to make effective and intuitive life decisions that are aligned with your values. This 6 hours = 6 sessions private coaching programme is equipped with consciousness tools that raise your self-awareness and set you free from indecisiveness.


Contact me for Corporate Workshops where connection, authenticity and consciousness are of a must in the workplace and teams