• Do you struggle to build meaningful connections despite success in other areas of your life?
  • Do you repeat certain patterns?
  • Do your relationships end in bitterness and leave you with self-doubt?
  • Are you trying to be someone you are not?

Did you answer yes to any of these?

If you did, then you don’t need more dating advice, tips, tricks or retreats away. You need an established plan that guides you to step into your inner wisdom and overwrite these limiting beliefs. 

I know how scary it is to go deeper and unveil your greatness within, but imagine how frightening it is to live NEVER embodying who you truly are.

You have tested and tried it. Short-term reliefs don’t work. You need to change your focus from seeking relief away from your wounds to instead seeking transformation through them. 



You need a multi-dimensional methodology that awakens you to the fact that you were always whole. Daisy Roots sees you as whole and gently heals your wounds by building inner strength and safety.

Create Meaningful Connections and Thrive in Relationships

Turn your past stories into post-traumatic wisdom to build connections that last. Become emotionally fluent and learn to relate ‘inside-out’ so that you can trust in your intuitive authority to guide you through life’s challenges.

Break Your Patterns and Get Unstuck 

Unlock your subconscious and discover your authentic self to get out of auto-pilot mode. Gain awareness over your patterns and break them one by one.

Vibrate Higher Energy and Become Irresistible

Enjoy an increased capacity to contain harmony, joy, and creative solutions to challenging relational situations. Shift your emotional state, freeing yourself from anxiety, fear and doubt to live in the now. Be the perfect match to your desires!

My coaching programme, Deep Relating, addresses all types of relationships: intimate, friendships, family, as well as workplace relationships.

Transformation in your subconsciousness as of the first session!

Want to hear what Daisy Roots’ clients have experienced?

I had the chance to do the Deep Relating coaching programme with Bahar several times before I had to take on another adventure that brought me away from Zurich. As of today, 1.5 months later, I must say that our sessions are one of the things I miss the most. I cannot stress enough how urgent it is for anyone to revisit their own self so they can start to make sense of everything happening to them. So that they can take action in their life. So they build their future on a firmer foundation. It definitely worked for me, and thank you, Bahar. Thank you.

It is quite hard to describe the talent of Bahar, she has a delicate understanding of the soul of people. I was broken when I approached her, I had just finished one of the most significant achievements of my life, but still, I felt unhappy. With a deep look at my thick outer shell, Bahar picked different aspects of my life and created a dialogue with competing faces of my personality. It is hard to believe until you experience your hands, literally speaking, impersonating these different personalities and fighting in front of you. I understood them and am still learning to control them so that they do not speak for who I really am. To this day, I believe talking and exchanging with Bahar was critical for the things I was going through and the experiences yet to come. I am better armed to face them. I understand better which face of my personality should dominate the decision-making process to be the best version of myself. I believe I am where I am now, physically but mainly mentally, thanks to our long sessions.

Bahar is an excellent coach who brought some deeply hidden parts of me to the surface. This awareness supported my journey to take more emotional risks with confidence and feel connected to myself. I was unaware that my relationships felt ‘disconnected’ because I was disconnected from myself to survive. Bahar took me out of this survival mode. I don’t hide anymore. I have become much more self-aware and connected to my heart. I speak my truth to people I love! I am so grateful for this experience. I highly recommend Bahar’s programme to anyone who feels like there is so much more to explore in one’s life. She is a blessing!


Get The Blueprint You Need

Left unaddressed, your past wounds will persist into your adult lives and limit you from becoming the most original version of yourself. This can keep you stuck in relationships, jobs, patterns or habits that you need to move on from.

Good news is that you don’t need months away in retreats to reclaim your authentic self

My techniques bring you quick, effective access to your consciousness – and creates transformation. It is designed to fit in your busy life.

Recommended dose: once a week session and in between allowance for SOS check-ins.

Claim your authenticity with the Deep Relating Private Coaching Programme.

Who is Daisy Roots?

Hi I’m Bahar

I created Daisy Roots from a place of compassion and love, to help you cultivate inner peace, joy and passion. It exists as a symbol of spiritual growth, groundedness, new beginnings and connection to your true nature. With coaching from Daisy Roots, you can experience life as it should be lived – with boundless joy, renewed energy and the fulfillment of purpose. 

A long time ago, I realised a couple of things:

I had the power to turn whatever complaints and negativity I was feeling into something far more positive.

I could turn my greatest pain into my greatest purpose. 

I had the freedom to journey beyond my ego; even beyond what was visible.